How LinkedIn am I?

For the past few months I have been working on updating and enhancing my LinkedIn profile. I created one when I was a freshman and then proceeded to do absolutely nothing with it until now, my senior year. Why is that? This could be partially because I was a freshman and wasn’t too worried about finding a job and partially because I didn’t really place that much credibility on it. I think I might have been wrong.

I recently read an article on that threw out 80 amazing facts about LinkedIn and some of them were amazing! Did you know that there are over 277 million LinkedIn users in the world with 2 more joining every second? Especially important for all of us out here with our eyes open for job opportunities is that 94% of potential employers check out a potential hire’s LinkedIn profile before they make the decision to hire them. (that one made me glad I didn’t leave my profile dormant 🙂


Definitely best avoided

So we get it, LinkedIn is important, how do we make our profile’s shine? Well, I follow some professionals on Twitter, like Karen Yankovich, who I’ve mentioned before, Trinity Adam, and the official LinkedIn Twitter account in order to keep my LinkedIn up-to-date and noticeable. LinkedIn also has a fairly intuitive profile enhancing program that guides you into creating a stronger profile. Mine in still definitely a work in progress, but I can say that it is a lot better than it was! Here is my profile.


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