Wrapping up my PLN

This is my final post regarding my PLN (personal learning network). This will be a summary of the work I have done so far with key things that I have learned. First of all, I began to tailor my online presence into a personal brand that had a uniform message. Not all of my social media accounts are carbon copies of each other -that would defeat the purpose- but they all possess a centralized message that authentically presents me as an individual and professional.

I think one of the most crucial things I learned was to watch and learn from people smarter and more experienced than myself and I plan to continue doing that for the rest of my career. You should never finish learning, there is always something fascinating and new that you can learn. Stagnancy is a waste of time and who wants to waste time?

As far as my deliverables go, I have made a demo reel, revamped my LinkedIn and learned how to blog (maybe;) It has been a good experience and I am very excited for my future. I’m looking forward to the summer, I just found out last week that I got a summer internship in Nashville and I’m beyond excited. I love to feel organized and being able to consolidate and connect my online presence is a great feeling that I cannot wait to continue in the future.


My excited face 🙂 photo of Aziz Ansari from Parks and Rec by Danny Feld of NBC from Philly.com


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