Posting on Social Media: What’s the best strategy?

I love Pinterest. I’ll confess; I’m a pinner, but Pinterest is not just for those who want to master the perfect messy bun or learn 18 ways to decoupage mason jars (although that does sound cool). Believe it or not, I am learning that Pinterest can be a valuable personal marketing tool as well as a great resource to find links to articles and information related to my career.


Tonight I found a great infographic that came up on a social media board from UltraLinx. Intrigued, I clicked it and found that it had some great insights on posting qualifications. Basically, the when, where and what of posting on social media.I really liked this because it gave me some basic guidelines for posting and, let’s be honest, we have all watched that annoying person or organization crash and burn by over-posting or posting irrelevant content.

Fact: respect and reputability are much harder to retrieve than they are to lose.

This is applicable to, not only, nonprofits and organizations but also for personal marketing and branding yourself. Sometimes it’s hard to gauge how much is enough and in an age where everything is online and nothing can ever truly be deleted it’s smart to have a plan before you act.

To sum up:

1) Pinterest is a great social bookmarking resource.

2) Take the time and effort to be strategic in your social media objectives.

3) Post smart: quality over quantity

4) Different social media have different purposes. Don’t use them all the same way or you will just be ineffective in 10 places instead of dominating in one or two.


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